International Board

Dr. Vijay Bhushan Jha
Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities
BKIT, Bhalki, Bidar, Karnataka

Dr Shireen Panchoo
Department of Business Informatics and Software Engineering
University of Technology, Mauritius

Dept of Business Informatics & Software Engineering
School of Innovative Technologies & Engineering
University of Technology, Mauritius

Dr Chandradeo Bokhoree, Head of School
School of Sustainable Development and Tourism
University of Technology
La Tour Koenig, Pointe-Aux-Sables, Mauritius

Dr. B.Y.R. Surnam
Post Doc (TAMU, USA)
Fulbright Fellow, Lecturer
Mechanical and Production Engineering Department
Faculty of Engineering, Textile Building
University of Mauritius, Mauritius

Ezendu Ariwa
London Metropolitan Business School
London Metropolitan University, U.K.

Atul Kumar
Quality Engineer
Ashok Leyland, India

Sonika Suneja
Chartered Accountant
Yamunanagar, Haryana

Mr. Bharat Gambhir
Project Manager
Consultancy Services, India

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